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Whether you choose a cremation for personal or religious reasons it can be done in various ways to include your own wishes and that of a loved-one.

There are no set rules with cremations and allows you more choices than a traditional burial. It can be a simple “direct” or private cremation without anyone present or it could be elaborate with the coffin present at the church service. A direct cremation cost less than the traditional funeral.

The Cremation service can be arranged to include all your requirements and traditions such as a private viewing, a wake and a Memorial service before or after the cremation.

Your consultant will take care of all the arrangements on your behalf and guide you with professional advise to include all your wishes and special request such as the interment, scattering or burial of the cremains in a niche, grave or special place of significance.

If you are considering cremation as an option for you personally when the time comes, it is always wise to consult your family and advise them of your wishes. You could also complete and make use of our Pre Planning option on the Home page and print it to keep safe in a file with all your other important documents such as your Will. You are welcome to contact us on our Toll Free number for additional advise.


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