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What should I include in a eulogy?

The Eulogy is a very special funeral tradition that enables us to remember, respect and rejoice in the life of our loved one. The Eulogy is often the heart of the funeral, it makes people laugh, it makes people cry. It is where we pay tribute to our loved one, remembering their unique personality, their achievements and their greatest loves.

A eulogy might start with the speaker sharing a favourite memory of their time with your loved one and will then go on to weave a story of your loved one’s life. Many people choose a close family member or friend to write the eulogy, while others have us help them prepare it so a celebrant can do the delivery. This is a personal decision for your family and we are happy to help guide you based on your wishes.

Your first step should be to collect the facts, such as age, family information including children and marriages, places lived, career information, etc.
Think about the person you’re remembering. What stories come to mind? What kinds of stories or quotes capture their personality? It’s a great idea to talk with other friends and family, so their thoughts can be included as well.
Eulogies can be serious, full of family history and humorous, with anecdotes remembered and shared. It is preferable to be brief, rather than too long.
Most importantly, remember to be yourself and speak from the heart.

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