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What are some special touches that can be incorporated to truly personalize a funeral?

As a funeral director, we are at the forefront of offering families personalized services that do justice to their loved ones. We will bring to your attention a number of opportunities for personalising your loved one’s funeral and the experience of those attending it. Just some ideas that might suit your family include:

A dove, balloon or butterfly release
A gift of a potted plant to all attendees
A motorcade of interesting vehicles
Having a beloved pet present during a suitable part of the service
A bagpiper or live jazz band to play at the end of the ceremony
A unique location for part of the service
Inviting attendees to paint a large vase, plate or canvas with a symbol or words that meant something to them personally
A memory basket that people can drop a note into of their favourite memory. These can later be printed in a special coffee table book along with photos of your loved one
Unfurling of a rainbow of ribbons in the chapel which are later cut to symbolize the release of your loved one from this world
An honour guard at the end of the funeral made up of grandchildren, friends from sport/work/associations or other special people

At Martin’s, it is our deepest desire to have you experience a truly special funeral, one that will help you on your way to healing. We would be honoured to share our ideas with you and help you implement yours.

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