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May I ask a difficult question? Why are funerals so expensive?

Let me give you a straightforward answer! At Martin’s Funerals you pay a fair and realistic price for a quality, professional service. Our service to you includes caring for the mortal remains entrusted to us in a respectful manner. The burden of having to yourself cope with the relatively complicated process of laying a person to rest at a time of intense grief and shock, is removed and shouldered by others who are skilled in these matters. This makes it possible for you to go through the mourning process without additional worries such as buying a grave, getting cremation certification and so on. At a reputable company such as Martin’s Funerals, customers are only billed for the goods and services they have chosen in accordance with the high ethical standards enshrined in our code of business practice. Peace of mind is included but we don’t charge for it!

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