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Can I see my loved one again?

A viewing is a special opportunity to say goodbye and spend time with your loved one. Ideally the viewing takes place a day or so before the funeral. When there has been some suffering, it can be comforting to see your loved one at peace and rest. A viewing provides a last opportunity for family and friends to express thoughts, feelings and maybe to place a card, letter, photo, small keepsake or memento inside the coffin. Having a viewing satisfies the need to see someone one more time. In case of a sudden or traumatic death the viewing confirms there has been no mistake it has happened. May be the beginning of acceptance; painful as it is but vital for the healing to start. Often the immediate family may not feel the need for a viewing but consider the needs of other relatives and friends and allow them that opportunity. Should you decide to have a viewing, each Martin’s Funeral Home has a private Viewing Room where family members can visit with the deceased in privacy and comfort. Martin’s can give you advice on these issues

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